Additional Resources

The following two websites together provide you with an extensive set of resources to learn about the discipline of business architecture and its practical usage from end-to-end. They are also your gateway to discovering the other resources, tools, and programs you will need on your business architecture journey.

Biz Arch Mastery

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Biz Arch Mastery is a dedicated online platform and community that helps professionals master the art and science of business architecture. It offers coaching and resources to simplify business architecture and facilitate its practical usage. This includes Interactive Programs, Learning Pathways, and the most extensive collection of FABAQs (Frequently Asked Business Architecture Questions), Resources and Tools, and Library of images, articles, podcasts, and videos available – all in one place. 

Business Architecture Guild®

The Business Architecture Guild® is a global not-for-profit association whose mission is to promote best practices and expand the knowledgebase of the business architecture discipline. The Guild stewards the member-driven global body of knowledge on business architecture (the BIZBOK® Guide) along with key programs such as certification (Certified Business Architect®) and training accreditation (Guild Accredited Training Partner®).