New Insights on Business Architecture Revealed in Upcoming Book ‘Strategy to Reality’ by Whynde Kuehn

Globally recognized business thought leader and author Whynde Kuehn announced today her upcoming book, “Strategy to Reality: Making the Impossible Possible for Business Architects, Change Makers and Strategy Execution Leaders”. Slated for distribution in 2022 by Morgan James Publishing, Whynde’s book unpacks the discipline of business architecture by examining varied perspectives and experiences gleaned from her decades of practical and successful engagements with enterprise leaders. Whynde explains, “My goal is to provide my readers with the straight talk that clarifies, simplifies, and humanizes business architecture, thereby making it practical and actionable. That’s the beauty of business architecture. It provides a shared language that facilitates understanding among various stakeholders to align their common goals—a central piece needed for the creation of transformative experiences.”

Whynde has a distinguished track record in successful team building worldwide. She is a highly sought-after business architecture expert and self-described boots-on-the-ground leader who has worked with an extensive array of organizations—from Fortune 500 companies, governmental and non-profit organizations to social enterprises, start-ups, and cross-sector initiatives. She described “Strategy to Reality” as a “one-of-a-kind manifesto designed for aspiring and established business architects, executives, and leaders to embolden their strategy execution within organizations and ecosystem design.” Whynde’s book is timely, as organizations face challenges to execute their strategies more quickly and effectively than ever before. “Often, businesses are missing the all-important middle that exists between strategy and execution,” Whynde remarked.

Morgan James Publishing will release “Strategy to Reality” in e-book format in spring 2022, with hardcopy distribution expected in bookstores by early fall 2022.