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Strategy To Reality: Making The Impossible Possible

A one-of-a-kind manifesto designed for business architects, executives, and change makers to embolden their strategy execution, decision making, and organization and ecosystem design.


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In Strategy to Reality, author Whynde Kuehn offers a holistic perspective on building and structuring a successful business.

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Foreword By Charles Araujo

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You’re Holding a Key to the Future

This is an excerpt from the Foreword by Author Charles Araujo

You hold in your hand something special. I know it feels like a book (or, if you’re like me, a tablet), but it’s something else altogether.

It’s a key. It’s a key that opens the door to the future. And not just your future, but the future of your organization. Cool, huh?

I know that sounds like hyperbole, but I promise you it’s not. I’ve been studying, researching, and exploring the implications of digital transformation for over ten years and it has left me convinced of one thing: we are entering a period of unrelenting change.

If you’re an executive, Strategy to Reality will help you understand the importance of business architecture and why you must build this capability and fully embed it as a discipline in your organization. And it will serve as your guide as you do so.
If you’re a business architect, it will help you find your true north and fight off the forces that will otherwise push you into myopic and small efforts that lead you astray. It will be your manual and an invaluable tool to help educate others and bring them into the fold.

Topics Discussed in Strategy to Reality


Demystifying the What, Why, and How of Business Architecture

So, What Exactly is Business Architecture?  And more…


Representing an Organization Through Business Architecture

Value Streams and Capabilities: The Heart of a Business Architecture. And more…


Leveraging the Unique Value of Business Architecture

Using Business Architecture: Start Small, Dream Big. And more…


Integrating with Other Teams and Disciplines

Business Architecture Is a Bridge Between the Business and Operating Model. And more…


Maximizing the Business Architecture Team

In Search of Greatness: How to Find or Be a Great Business Architect. And more…


Building an Internal Business Architecture Practice

Measuring Success and Building Adoption. And more…


Shaping the Future of Business Architecture

What If? Leveraging Business Architecture to Make a Difference. And more…


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About the author

I’m Whynde Kuehn. I help organizations bridge the gap between strategy and execution.

Whynde Kuehn is the Founder and Managing Director of S2E Transformation. Whynde is a recognized global thought leader and a long-time pioneer, practitioner, and educator in digital transformation, strategy execution, and business architecture. She regularly speaks, writes and chairs/co-chairs events with a mission to advance best practices and facilitate community and advocacy across the globe. She is the author of the book Strategy to Reality, and creator of Biz Arch Mastery, a dedicated online platform and community that helps professionals master the art and science of business architecture. Whynde is Co-Founder, Vice President, and Academic Committee Chair of the Business Architecture Guild®, a not-for-profit organization focused on the advancement of the business architecture discipline. She was selected as an Institute Fellow at the Institute for Digital Transformation, a select group of industry experts that share their insights, research, and real-life experiences about the transition from the Industrial Era to the Digital Era. Whynde also serves as a Senior Consultant for Cutter Consortium, a global information technology research company comprised of approximately 125 leaders selected for expertise in their fields.

The beauty of business architecture is that it provides a shared language, which facilitates understanding among stakeholders to align their common goals—a central piece needed for the creation of transformative experiences.


What Professionals Are Saying

“Whynde Kuehn filters the noise in the space of digital business transformation practices. She provides invaluable firsthand knowledge and advice that can greatly benefit both individuals and corporations in not only comprehending how to best drive change but also gives the techniques that can be readily applied as solutions to real-life scenarios.”

Suleiman Barada, Senior Advisor, Union of Arab Banks

“There is no voice more astute on the importance of and the proper execution of business architecture than Whynde Kuehn. Having worked alongside her for several years, I saw firsthand the impact she has on organizational transformation and strategy. The discipline of business architecture is needed in any modern and progressive organization and her perspectives and techniques in this space are essential.”

Toby O’Rourke, President & CEO, Kampgrounds of America, Inc.

“Despite decades of research and literature on the topic, strategy execution is no better today in most organizations than it was twenty years ago. Business architecture, if positioned correctly within an organization and staffed appropriately, can close the gap between business strategy formulation and strategy execution—a critical role that is missing or poorly functioning in many organizations today. This practical book focuses on many of the critical factors needed to do that.”

Brian H. Cameron, PhD, Associate Dean for Professional Graduate Programs, The Pennsylvania State University

“Whynde Kuehn is one of the most inspiring global leaders and true innovative pioneers for the business architecture community. Her modern, multi-dimensional approach, and holistic expert guidance has been the blueprint to support successful executive leaders, business transformation teams, and game changing innovation. Strategy to Reality will undoubtedly become the go-to guide for future leaders seeking to drive scalable business value in today’s complex landscape.”

Shaun Rolls, Managing Director, Closed Circle International

“One word: Powerful! In Strategy to Reality, globally recognized strategy execution and business architecture expert, Whynde Kuehn, has bottled the secret sauce necessary to enable the transmutation of big ideas into operating reality. Her timely and practical how-to guide is based on decades of hands-on experiences enabling organizations around the world to successfully execute transformational ideas that have materially impacted the top and bottom lines.”

Mark Johnson, Editorial Board Chair, Chief Data Officer Magazine

“Successful strategy implementation is vital for any business leader or organization. Whynde Kuehn has an exceptional understanding of not only the challenges but also the methodology which has already helped business leaders across the world in this very complicated discipline. Strategy to Reality gives you a thorough introduction and practical steps to leverage the well-recognized methodology of business architecture to achieve your goals”

Lene Østerberg, Chief Operating Officer, Linconomy

“As a business architecture practitioner, mentor, and instructor, I find that one of the main challenges for many of us is to speak to and demonstrate the value of business architecture in a way that resonates with executives and decision makers. With decades of experience and vast knowledge of business architecture, Whynde Kuehn, in Strategy to Reality, provides by far the most comprehensive view into the art and science of business architecture, as the cornerstone of successful execution and enablement of business strategies. Whynde is an internationally recognized thought leader and influencer in the business architecture field. Her dedication and passion for business architecture has truly taken the whole community to the next level of maturity. Strategy to Reality is indeed a major milestone and a source of inspiration for all of us who believe in and strive to challenge the status quo and elevate the business architecture position as a strategic discipline; a discipline that's vital to the success of organizations in today's more-than-ever changing business ecosystems. Thank you, Whynde!”

Navid Kheradmand, Founder and Managing Director, Archist