It’s Launch Day: The Execution Challenge Hits Bookstores – 11 July 2024

Authors Brian H. Cameron and Whynde Kuehn announced the launch of their new co-authored book, The Execution Challenge: Delivering Great Strategy at Scale. Published by Wiley (NYSE: WLY and WLYB), one of the world’s largest publishers and trusted leaders in research and education, The Execution Challenge offers a practical, real-life playbook for executing strategies that business leaders, strategists, innovators, planners, managers, directors, and entrepreneurs have anticipated. This publication is lauded as a leadership toolkit that combines approaches, assessments, skills, knowledge, processes, and real-world illustrations to implement even the most ambitious strategies.

Cameron and Kuehn offer functional frameworks to help unravel the complexities of linking multifaceted, real-world business strategies with an organization’s strategic business architecture for cohesive and impactful strategy execution. The Execution Challenge is available in hardcover and eBook editions from booksellers worldwide.

About the Authors

Brian H. Cameron, the Associate Dean for Professional Graduate Programs and Executive Education in the Smeal College of Business at the Pennsylvania State University, brings his extensive experience as a Clinical Professor of Information Systems and a Senior Consultant with Cutter Consortium’s Business & Enterprise Architecture practice to this publication.

Whynde Kuehn is recognized globally as a highly sought-after pioneer, thought leader, and educator in strategy execution, transformation, and strategic business architecture. She has consulted with an extensive array of organizations to build their capacity for end-to-end strategy execution, including Fortune 500 and global enterprises, governmental and nonprofit organizations, social enterprises, startups, and cross-sector initiatives.