Episode 2: Business Architecture Meets Sustainability: Mastering Sustainability Reporting

This webinar, hosted and facilitated by Daniel Simon of Across and Ahead, features Business Architecture expert Whynde Kuehn and Sustainability expert Daniel Obst in a conversation on how organizations can leverage business architecture to enhance and accelerate their sustainability efforts. This is the second in a series of conversations and is focused on Sustainability Reporting.

Valuable Reads from Across & Ahead

Across and Ahead — a global advisory and enterprise training service de­voted to helping and empowering enterprises — offers this featured list of twenty-five resources that deserve a place on a business architect’s bookshelf.

Business Architecture vs. Business Analysis

Laura Brandenburg, a recognized global leader in helping business analysts boost their careers, interviews Whynde Kuehn on business architecture, the value of the business architect role in an organization, and what business analysts can do to pursue this as a career.

Consultants Saying Things about the book Strategy to Reality

This particular installment of the Consultants Saying Things podcast offers an unscripted and candid look at Whynde Kuehn’s book, Strategy to Reality. Cast members/consultants ask probing questions to the author and dive deep to discuss concepts within Whynde’s book and explore the journey of her writing this important work.